Momo Wang was born in 1985 in China. She is most famous for creating the popular cartoon rabbit Tuzki, which is now the property of Time Warner and was the spokes-person for Motorola and various other companies.        
Momo created Tuzki as an undergraduate at the Communication        University of China. Tuzki first became popular on Momo's blog by being featured in a variety of emoticons. Upon graduating with her BFA in 2D Animation, Momo was specially trained in the graphic design and animation departments at Turner Broadcasting Company in Hong Kong.        
After that, Momo focused on comic storytelling with a distinct personal style,and published seven books in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mainland China and Thailand. She was also a spokesperson for Gap in China. She now studies experimental animation at the California Institute of the Arts, where pushes the boundaries of her art, connecting her new ideas and worldview with Chinese traditional culture. She maintains a popular Chinese blog which she considers crucial to her growth as an artist.        
2007 China`s 100"Most Powerful People" (Century Weekly)  Top43 Momo Wang
2007 China Influence Festival   "The best Cartoon Character"   Tuzki
2009 Promax&BDA  Asia  "The Best Website Design" (Design,Animation&Illustration: Momo Wang)
2009 Asia Interactive Awards                  "Best Illustration"  Bronze (Illustrator: Momo Wang  Animator: Momo Wang)        "Best Mobile Games/Applications" Bronze   TuzkiSnap (Illustrator: Momo Wang)
2009 Annual Book Industry Award of China   "The Best Graphic Novel "    "I,Tuzki,U?"
2009 7th National Art Book  Exhibition   "The Best Cover Design"   "I,Tuzki,U?"
2010 BTV 80s New Idol Presentation Ceremony  "The Best Crazy Hobby" Momo Wang
2010 Tencent  Animation Emoticon Competition     Judge
2013 Tencent Animation Emoticon Competition     Judge
2013 The 8th China(Beijing) International Student Animation Festival        "Best Sequential Comic Art"  "Best Of U on The Road"